We work with clients to produce fun and meaningful entertainment products.

Working with Northplay

We're always interested in hearing about potential projects where we can employ our expertise in fun. We've been making unique entertainment products in collaboration with partners for more than a decade and value consulting projects where we can leave our creative mark on the final product.

As a small capable team, we work on a handful of projects each year. It's important to us that these projects are meaningful and intersect with our values of fun, accesible game design and a good workplace environment. We're specifically interested in projects with a cultural impact, Like our kids games Ø-Spillet and Naturspillet for the Danish National Media or the work we've done with The Danish National Museum.

We're a curious bunch, so don't hesitate to send us an email with information about your project and we'll see if we can help.


How much does a game cost? It's not always a straightforward question to answer. We're used to working with a wide range of companies from experienced game producers to newcomers of gamified content. We make workshops and prelimiary consulting to help guide early stage projects, we develop and test prototypes for our clients and we enter into full fledged production and publishing of games. Budgets for these things vary greatly with the type of project and our involvement. Generally we're looking for work in the budget class of €30.000 and up. But you're always welcome to contact us with more details about your project.

Business Contact


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