We developed motion controls! How, you ask?

April 29, 2021
2 min read
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Greetings, Pilots!

Yesterday was quite a busy day at the Northplay headquarters. We are on the cusp of releasing Fly TOGETHER!, a game we have been working on since the beginning of 2019. At the same time we have been nominated in 2 different categories by Spilprisen, the largest annual game development award show in Denmark. In anticipation of the show, some of the team members dressed up and met up in the office to be on camera.

We usually joke that these kinds of days would be a season finale if our Northplay lives were a tv-series. The episode would end right as the Spilprisen hosts are opening the envelope with the name of the winner, while thousands of game codes for Fly TOGETHER! becomes accessible to our dear players.

We hope you, dear pilot, will stay on with us for another season and that you will enjoy Fly TOGETHER! if you get your hands on it. In the meantime we wanted to share a couple of development videos with you.

In this video Michael and Kasra fly all the way back to the beginning of the development of Fly TOGETHER! Tag along and take a peek behind the development curtain as they discuss the difficulties in developing motion controls and how to properly convey its uses to our players.
We hope you all are well and that you will cross your fingers for us this evening, dear Pilots.

Safe flights,




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