Headland is OUT on PC, Mac & Steam Deck!

July 26, 2022
2 min read
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Hi Friends!

Just popping in on this (more informal) channel to share the news that our little action adventure game has launched on Steam for PC, Mac & Steam Deck. Get all the details here https://store.steampowered.com/app/1834110/Headland/

We understand that bringing an already released game to a new platform might not be the most exciting announcement, but something like this actually takes a lot of work and opens up our game to new audiences. True to form, we've taken these past months (since the Nintendo Switch Console release) to update the game in meaningful ways and prepare it for these new platforms. Here's some of the most important updates.

Headland started out as a mobile game with touch controls. We then built console controls for the Nintendo Switch release. For the PC release we wanted to both support controllers, classic mouse and keyboard AND build it as a first class citizen on the new Steam Deck. That's 3 new control schemes. It works seamlessly in this version of the game, so whatever device you're on you should automatically get the best experience (with the ability to customise from settings). Controls is an often underreported part of games. We put a lot of work into this and we think it shows.

One of the key points of feedback we got from the Nintendo Switch release was how the game was a bit too difficult for younger or more inexperienced audiences. With this version we wanted to give those players an option to play through the game at a more relaxed difficulty. In this version of the game you'll be prompted with an option at the beginning of the game to play on either 'Daydream' or 'Wild' mode. After a lot of testing we're very happy with these two ways of playing the game.

Polish & Achievements

The game has also benefitted from a lot of polish and all the things you'd expect from a game on these platforms. Graphical settings, Customisability etc. and then we've added a bunch of Achievements for players to earn.

This is the best version of Headland that we've ever released and we hope it'll have a long life on these new platforms.

As always, if you have feedback or just want to say hi, feel free to join our discord https://t.co/NmIpW8v2sF


Michael Flarup, CEO




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