Dinolords has a new trailer!

April 12, 2024
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COPENHAGEN, DENMARK April 10th 2024 - During the inaugural Triple-i Initiative showcase, Ghost Ship Publishing, the company behind the award-winning game Deep Rock Galactic, and Northplay revealed the gameplay trailer for Dinolords, our upcoming medieval strategy game with a prehistoric twist - players get to command dinosaurs.

We announced the game back in October and we're now ready with an all new trailer giving players a better look at how the game is shaping up. We're super excited to show you all of our new toys.

Developed by Danish studio Northplay, Dinolords takes place in an alternate history in which the King of Denmark launches the first dinosaur-powered conflict with his invasion of England. Players will take on the role of an English Lord, defending their land against the ferocious invaders, and taming their own primeval beasts for battle.

Mixing real-time strategy with action RPG gameplay, Dinolords will see players gathering resources, building a city, constructing fortifications, and commanding units in a shocking new age of medieval warfare.

“We’re so excited to be able to highlight Dinolords at the Triple-i Initiative Showcase today. We’ve been consistently impressed with Northplay’s work, and we’re delighted to be able to offer them a platform to showcase their game to the indie gaming community,” said Søren Lundgaard, CEO of Ghost Ship Publishing. “Northplay is a wonderful example of how much talent the Danish games industry has to offer - I just can’t believe they’ve unveiled the great secret about our dinosaur-filled history!”

“We’re honoured to be showcasing our brand new trailer thanks to the Triple-i Initiative amongst so many incredible games and developers that make up the amazing indie corner of the games industry,” said Michael Flarup, CEO of Northplay. “We’ve poured a lot of love into Dinolords and we can’t wait for players to get their hands on it when it launches into early access next year.”

Dinolords is set to release into early access in 2025. The game is available to Wishlist on Steam right now, and you can find out more about the game on Dinolords.com.

Download assets for the Dinolords announcement here.

The Triple-i Initiative is a digital showcase featuring world premieres, exclusive gameplay, demos and a Steam Sale. Find our more information on the website, or follow along on Twitter/X for all the latest updates.




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