Dino Lords is a Medieval Strategy Game where you gather resources, build fortifications and command units. Inspired by classic RTS games โ€” but with dinosaurs!

The Game

Dino Lords is a modern genre hybrid with a player controlled protagonist in a realtime strategy setting.

As you take command of the Lord, you'll gather resources, hunt and tame the land. You'll use your resources to build a thriving settlement, attracting villagers and automating resource gathering and production. You'll construct and upgrade specialist buildings that'll keep your growing population happy and ready to be trained and enlisted in your army.

A well run village will produce morale and morale is used to issue commands and boosts to your subjects.

Construct fortifications and man the ramparts as the enemy attacks with an arsenal of fierce dinosaurs. A shocking new age in medieval warfare. Participate in these battles with strategic commands to your troops and your own sword and bow ready.

Dino Lords is both a nostalgic love letter to RTS and Castle Builders, but also an immersive modernisation of the genre for both PC and Console.



The Story

In the year 985 AD Eric The Red makes a discovery on his voyage to Greenland that would forever change history. Encased in the Sermitsiaq Glacier he finds ancient eggs that, when thawed and hatched, produced creatures that hadn't walked the Earth since the dawn of time.

Dinosaurs help build the settlements of Greenland and is brought back to Scandinavia to be domesticated and later bred for war.

In 1002 The King of Denmark, Sweyn Forkbeard, launches the first dinosaur-powered conflict with his invasion of England, shocking the defenders and forever altering the course of history. 

The English King, ร†thelred the Unready, is fighting a loosing battle against the invading forces. He sends his son, Edmund Ironside as a last resort to defend his Kingdom and learn the secrets of these great beasts.




You are the Lord

In Dino Lords, you play as the Lord.
You gather resources, hunt, build and fight.


tame the land

Build a thriving village and balance population and production. Keep your people happy and well fed.



Build modular castles and command your troops to withstand sieges.



Man the ramparts and fight epic medieval battles with dinosaurs.


Developed by Northplay

Dino Lords is being developed by Northplay, a game studio from Copenhagen, Denmark. We have a great fondness for the games we grew up on and want to see these genres reimagined and modernised. We aim to create fun and approachable gameplay in strong player fantasies. We make games that we want to play.

Contact: michael@northplay.co๏ปฟ