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December 23, 2019
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Happy holidays, Conductors! 

It’s been 3 years since we launched Conduct THIS!—3 years of updates, expansions and refinements to this game that is still growing and attracting new players every day. We wanted to do something special for the big 2.0 release. We wanted to shake things up and set the stage for many more years of conducting. This release is packed with lots of little refinements and a touch of holiday spirits but we’re going to share just two of the big things here:


You don’t know this, but playing the game without a timer has been one of our most discussed and desired features all the way back from when we developed the core gameplay. We could never get the design just right... until now. In 2.0 we’re essentially doubling all of the content in the game by introducing this new game mode. Every level you’ve completed can now be played in endless mode; A new thrilling way of playing that will challenge you to keep things running smoothly as the speed increases and the passengers delivered skyrockets. Reach new hat-goals and beat your highscore.


In 2.0 we’re simplifying the cost structure in the game. We’re bundling all of the previous purchasable content, ad removal and extra regions in a lower cost, monthly price. We’re calling it the Commuter Pass and its the one stop price for leveling up your conduct experience.

This way we’re lowering the bar for playing the game at its fullest while creating a more sustainable model that will help fund more game. If you’ve ever purchased something in a previous version of Conduct THIS! You’ll automatically get a lifetime Commuter Pass.

Update your game or download it from:

📲 The App Store
🤖 Google Play 

Here’s the release notes for 2.0:

- Endless Mode (Subscribe to Commuter Pass or play 3 free sessions everyday):
- Play all levels without a time limit
- Reach faster and faster speeds until you crash
- New sets of stars to get, or chase a highscore when you get them all

- Commuter Pass (low monthly price for everything in the game)
- Completely ad free
- Unlimited access to Endless Mode
- Play extra expansion levels
- (more content in the future?)- New Menu:
- New updated design
- Get free coins for watching ads and other things

- Bug fixes and level improvements that cannot fit into the description

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Happy Holidays from everyone at Northplay.




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